David, the Giant-killer…Parts 3 and 4

So, I spent most of the weekend at a charity event for Mott Children’s Hospital that was put on by key members of the 1997 Michigan National Champion football team ( http://www.mlive.com/wolverines/football/index.ssf/2009/05/michigan_football_charity_week.html ).  It was an unreal experience in many ways that included pictures and conversations with most of the “who’s who” of Michigan Football in the last 15 years.  There aren’t enough words to describe it…but, I still have to say something about the Mets.


Santana pitched and finally proved himself to be human.  He actually allowed runs.  He did, however, still give innings, which gave him the win.  He went 7 innings, 11 hits, 6 runs (4 earned), 0 BBs, and 7 Ks.  Not a terrible performance by any means…but not a “Santana” performance.  Thank God we scored runs…a lot.  The 1st inning started with a bang and before anyone blinked, we were up 3-0.  The Giants battled back twice.  Making it 3-3 and 7-6 (after another Mets run that put them up 7-3).  But the Giants bullpen was out done by the Met offense tacked on 2 more in the 9th.  JJ Putz made his 1st appearance of the series, collecting his 1st save as a Met.  9-6, Final.



It seemed that everything the Mets did was either wrong or played perfectly into the Giants hand.  The Mets did not hit a ball hard until the 7th inning and Fernando Tatis’s line drive was caught by the young stud at 3rd, Pablo Sandoval.  Two times, also, the Mets had easy RBI situations (bases loaded, no out in the 2nd and 2nd and 3rd, no out in the 8th).  Both times, the Mets could not find a productive out and scored in neither inning.  Double plays were key in both.  2-0, Final.  He pitched fine…other than his 3 balks.  He really did not look comfortable on the mound, at all.  But, he did give 6 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs, 2 BBs, and 2 Ks.  Overall, he gave the Mets a chance to win and lowered his ERA again.  I feel very comfortable with him on the mound.  It was a tough-luck loss.  Matt Cain pitched well, too…when he could find the strike zone.  Cain surrendered 3 hits in 5 innings, walking 5, but striking out 2.  He improved to 4-1, while Pelfrey fell to 4-1.  The Mets took the first 3 in the series, and you’re going to have games like this.  I am fine with going 3-1 in San Francisco. 


Sensible Notations (hopefully):

  • I am very, very tired, so I hope some of this makes sense…
  • Jose Reyes missed the entire series with a calf issue…I am now beginning to worry a little bit…
  • Alex Cora got hurt on his game-leadoff double…Fernando Tatis had to play short…we are now out of short-stops…
  • The Mets were shut out for the 1st time this year, on Sunday…
  • The last time a pitcher balked 3 times in an MLB game was when Al Leiter did in 1994 with the Toronto Blue Jays…
  • David Wright is truly a Giant-killer…in the series, he went 10 for 15 with 7 RBI and 4 BBs
  • Roy Halladay won again today, making him 8-1…also, there was an interesting situation in the Rays/Indians game, where Joe Maddon accidentally put down 2 third basemen in his lineup and ended up having to use starting pitcher Andy Sonnanstine in the 3 hole and not have Evan Longoria in the lineup…he went 1 for 3 with an RBI and got the win…I love baseball…


Monday, 10:10, Dodger Stadium, Tim Redding vs. Randy Wolf…


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