Rough Day at Fenway…

This game had 2 halves…literally.  Before the middle of the 5th and after the middle of the 5th.  Well, obviously, that is how all games go.  But today, the Mets seemed like 2 different team…one in each half.  The took a 5-3 lead in the 5th inning.  Everyone, up and down the lineup, was hitting.  Nobody was hitting overly well.  But, everyone was contributing.  Even Tim Redding was looking strong.  He made one bad pitch to Mike Lowell that was hit over the Green Monster.  He also walked a few batters, but he was controlling the Red Sox lineup, for the most part.  After David Wright flew out to deep center and Carlos Beltran tagged from 2nd and went to 3rd, the game changed. 

The Mets had a 5-3 lead and runners on 1st and 3rd with only one out.  This is where the game hangs in the balance and a team can take complete control or they can allow the other team to hang around.  Reed struck out and Castro popped out, ending the threat.  Redding got through the first 2 hitters quickly before the trouble started.  Four consecutive hits for the Red Sox with 2 outs plated 3 runs and it was 6-5.  From there, it just snowballed.  The Sox threw up 6 more runs in the next 2 innings and it was done.  12-5, final.  After that Wright Sac Fly, the Mets got one more hit (a Castro double in the 8th).


Bottom Line(s):

  • The Mets are still over-matched in most cases.  With Jose Reyes out of the lineup and Ramon Martinez in the field, it is almost like they are down 2 guys.  While they have gone 5-5 w/o Jose, they need him back in order to continue making progress.  Losing Alex Cora has hurt more than anyone would have thought a couple of months ago…If Murphy can hit between .270 and .290 (he’s currently at .248), he will be a viable option at 1st.  He’s looking more and more comfortable there.  I think he needs to be in the infield. As an infielder who has had to play outfield, I know the feeling…
  • This game was coming.  The Mets have been in every game on this road trip and even stole a couple…maybe even games they should have been blown out of.  But, against this quality of an opponent, they were going to get trashed at some point.  Take your lumps and be ready again, tomorrow. 
  • Ken Takahashi had one of the weirdest plays I have ever seen.  In the middle of his wind up, he dropped the ball.  So…he followed through with no ball.  The ball, apparently, started rolling towards 3rd.  That would be a balk (a runner was on 1st).  That’s 4 balks on this road trip.  Is that a record?  Should be…
  • K-Rod ran out to the bullpen today in the middle of the game…that is a great sign because A) He ran B) He might have been able to pitch…
  • All things considered: Church, Reyes, Sheffield, K-Rod getting injured; 4 balks; 6 runs in the middle 4 games, Fernando Tatis playing short for the 1st time since the 1900’s, going Coast-to-Coast against 3 +.500 teams…I think a 5-5 record is something to be positive about…


Monday, 7:10, Citi Field, Lannan vs. Maine…


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