A Bid to Stay…


omirsantos.jpgWith Brian Schneider eligible to come off of the DL on Saturday, Omir Santos seemed like the logical choice to be sent down to Buffalo.  He started the season as a relative unknown and Ramon Castro has a Major League contract.  He has, however, held his own in Flushing.  The only statistic that Castro really out-performed Santos was in throwing out runners (Castro has thrown out 7 of 15 and Santos 5 of 17).  Santos began his pledge to stay last Saturday night by taking Papelbon deep with a runner aboard in the 9th to give the Mets a 3-2 lead and ultimately the win.  Tonight, he continued…

Down 1-0 in the fifth against a pitcher the Mets had never seen (only his 2nd career start), Omir Santos lines a ball deep down the left field line for a game-tying HR.  Up to that point, the Mets only had 1 hit.  Then, in the 11th inning, after Sheffield’s lead-off single and a throwing error by Marlin catcher Ronny Paulino that allowed Sheffield to get to 3rd, Santos lined a single into left field for the Mets 3rd walk-off win of the season. 

Obviously, Castro and Schneider are not going to be sent down.  Both are proven veterans who have Major League contracts.  Both have their strengths (Schneider has been a great defensive catcher and Castro has a lot of pop in his bat).  Santos is kind of caught in the middle.  He apparently does have some power and is not a liability on defense, but how long can he keep it up?  My guess is that Santos will stay…for the time being.  Using 3 catchers can be risky, given that it can shorten your bench in other areas.  But, he has been such a vital part of the Mets success, it is just too hard to get rid of him. 

Fernando Martinez is the most likely candidate to be sent down.  He has gone 0fer since he had been called up and just didn’t really look comfortable.  He needs to be playing everyday.  With Sheff needed in the lineup and Pagan playing well, he won’t get that chance.  He did not start tonight, but pinch hit and flew out in the 8th.  F-Mart still might be an every day player for the Mets (if not a potential star), but the time is not now.  He still needs more seasoning.

Not to be forgotten is Mike Pelfrey.  If you can pitch better than he did Saturday in Boston, he did tonight.  Pelf went 7 2/3, 5 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, and 6 Ks.  The chatter on Pelfrey is that he needs to cut down on walks and miss more bats.  He did both tonight and is really becoming a quality pitcher.  His ERA is now below 4 at 3.88.  Unfortunately, he is getting the Santana treatment and is not being scored for.  His best 2 starts of the year have resulted in no-decisions.

**Just as I am writing this**

Mets trade Ramon Castro to the White Sox for 2005 1st round pick P Lance Broadway.  Broadway will join the starting rotation in Buffalo…I guess that makes a couple of previous paragraphs unnecessary…



  • The Mets acquired OF Emil Brown from the Padres on Friday…kind of an interesting move, considering the Mets have too many outfielders.  He will start in Buffalo.
  • Marlins starter Sean West pitched very well Friday.  He went 7 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, and 2 Ks.  The Mets also have a history of hitting poorly against pitchers they have never seen.
  • The Mets have now not committed an error in 5 straight games…not that that is a great accomplishment, but for this team it might be, right now.
  • Ramon Martinez went 2 for 3 tonight…maybe he has been reading my writing and trying to make me look foolish…that’s ok with me, Ramon.  Just keep hitting!
  • Matt Wieters made his MLB debut for the Orioles.  He went 0 for 4.  That one is for you, Josh…
  • Kind of bummed to see Castro go.  He has done a great job as a backup catcher for the Mets over the past few years.  Thanks a lot, Ramon and good luck in Chi-town!


Saturday, 1:10, Citi Field, Johnson vs Redding…


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