After the terrible loss on Monday, the Mets played one of their most un-inspired performances of the year, as Santana didn’t pitch well and was marooned with a 3-1 loss.  Wednesday was washed away due to rains in Western PA.

Thursday, was an afternoon game.  I have always been a fan of afternoon games.  Businessmen take an afternoon off to watch some baseball.  There’s always lots of kids that come out to the game via either a summer camp trip or a field trip from school.  Its kind of an old school type of baseball that can take you away from the stress and frustrations of everyday life.  And, for people like me who try to watch/follow every game, it gives you a free evening.

A day after trading (I mean donating) their best player to the evil Braves, the Pirates came out swinging…and hitting.  Before anyone knew what happened, the Pirates landed 6 hits and a walk that plated 4 runs in the 1st inning…with only 1 out.  Much like the US in their game against Costa Rica last night, Pelfrey did not even show up against the Bucs.  He only lasted 3 and 2/3 9 hits, 9 runs (8 earned), 4 BBs, and 3 Ks.  Too bad for Pelf.  He pitched his 2 best games of the year in his last 2 outings.  If the Mets had scored an inning earlier in each game, he could be 6-1…well, now 2.  But, they didn’t and he falls to 4-2. 

Also, as I am writing this, JJ Putz is getting shelled.  He has not done well at all, lately.  I’m starting to form the opinion that he should go on the DL (I hear they need a 10th for Bridge).  Not that he is hurt to the point of some of the other Mets, but he might just need some time to work on some things, like his focus/mentality.  The Mets pitching staff (and bullpen especially) have been more than great this year.  So, let Putz work himself out and lean on your strengths for a bit. 

This has just been a rough trip and I think the Mets just need to start over.  They need to get out of Pittsburgh and begin a new series.  It wouldn’t shock me if the Monday night “giveaway” is still longering and maybe a plane ride can help it a little bit. 

The news on Reyes is not great.  He had a minor setback this week and it doesn’t look like he will be back this weekend in DC.  The latest I heard was the best case would be Jose could return on Tuesday before the series against Philly.  Ryan Church, however, is also supposed to come off the DL on Sunday.


While waiting for the Plane:

  • On the positive side, Carlos Beltran came back with a bang, today.  He went 2 for 4 with a walk and 2 extra base hits: a double and a HR!!!
  • The Mets hit a HR!  It was their first since last Friday against the Marlins…
  • David Wright seems to be starting to show signs of breaking out of his slump…maybe.  He went 2 for 3 with 2 BBs, an RBI, a stolen base, and 2 runs…he does needs to pick it up.  If the Mets are going to turn it around and make a little run before the All-Star Break that keeps getting closer, Wright is going to have to be the David Wright of old.  He doesn’t need to hit bushels of HRs, but he does need to start getting more doubles and triples…
  • Jerry Manuel has said that the next few games are an audition for Fernando Martinez.  With Church set to come off the DL, Martinez is going to have to start hitting better if he wants to stay in NY.  He did go 2 for 4 today, with an RBI and a run scored.    


Friday, 7:05, Nationals Park, Redding vs. Martis…  


One comment

  1. mattpeas

    how bout Beltran’s comments about being embarrassed by Pittsburgh. while i agree with him and everyone else in the MLB can attest that the “pitts-blah” organization is pittiful he should have been more professional about handling his frustrations.


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