A New (and yet old) QB in Town…


Well, this afternoon, I went to the Michigan Spring Game (sort of).  I mean, I went…it just wasn’t really a “game” so to speak.  I went with a couple of things on my mind.  I was interested in seeing early-enrollee Devin Gardner.  I wanted to see how the defense looked (and if I’ve actually heard of any of these players).  I was also interested in seeing the running back battle.

What I did not expect to see was the development of backup QB Denard Robinson.  Now, I’ve heard over the past few weeks, that he has improved greatly and was making it a serious three-way battle for the starting QB job.  And…I believed it…to a degree.  But…today, I saw it.  He actually looked very much improved.  He threw the ball very well.  Denard moved well in the pocket, avoided the rush very well and was accurate on his throws.  I did not see much of a long ball, but that is not a large part of this offense, anyway.  Forcier looked ok, as well.  He moved nicely (which we know he can do) and he threw the ball accurately, too (for the most part).  But…Denard really looked at home and really acted like it was his team.  Now, I’m not saying this will happen, but…I would not be completely shocked if Denard Robinson is the starting QB come September 4th against UConn.

Much-heralded Devin Gardner also played ok.  He’s so big.  I said to my buddy “Is it bad that our QB is the biggest guy on the field?”  He really is that big.  I still hope that he will be red-shirted.  I’m not that convinced that it will happen, but I hope that he can take his first year and adjust to college life, this offense, and the enormity that is the quarterback position at the University of Michigan.  You could tell he was nervous, as he fumbled his first offensive play.  He made a few ill-advised throws, fumbled a couple more times, but looked more comfortable as the day went on. 

A Few Other Things:

  • Our offensive line looked great.  I think we could easily have 5-8 players who can play on that line and challenge for serious time.  And David Molk didn’t even play.  That could easily be a reason that all 3 QBs looked solid. 
  • Since Vincent Smith is still recovering from a torn ACL, the running back position battle is wide open.  Fitzgerald Toussaint ran well today.  He has looked good all spring.  But, Stephen Hopkins really stood out to be.  He is a larger back, so he could see a lot of goalline action (Illinois, anyone?).  He also released well and caught a ball or 2. 
  • Our longest punt of the day was by Tate Forcier…*shakes head*
  • I am very excited about Brendan Gibbons.  He red-shirted last year, but he has some leg.  He made a 45ish yard FG with about 10 yards to spare.  They used a lot of kickers today, but I think we’ll see Gibbons kicking, this Fall…
  • Also, all offensive numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt, due to the fact that they were put up against the Michigan Defense…Kenny Demens made a few solid tackles at LB…the secondary should be interesting…I don’t even want to speculate on potential starters at this point…

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