Crucial Times…

As I sit here writing this, the Mets are in extras against the Reds.  After what was a phenomenal week, ending the home stand, the Mets have hit a skid.  Granted, I will take a 5-1 week all the time (Sun-Sat).  But the end of the series in Philly has left a horrid taste in my mouth.  After dominating 3 less-than-stellar teams and going 9-1 on a critical home stand, NY has dropped its last 2 against its main rival.  I was not as frustrated about Saturday’s loss (although, I always hate to them…and watching Pelfrey get blitzed).  After winning 8 in a row, losses are to be expected and a lot of times, crushing losses.  That’s just baseball.  -side note: what a play by Davis to get Votto at first…love this kid.  Love his defense- It was more Sunday’s loss that was so disheartening.  Although it is still early in May, this was a big series.   The Mets were hot and had a big test.  Played a great game on Friday to get at least a win and got bombed on Saturday…how would they respond?  Especially in the lion’s den?  Coming right out of the gate and watching DW5 hit that bomb…I was psyched and thought that Saturday was behind us.  Even after Santana gave up the 2 HRs (both were after he had 0-2 counts), he still looked good.  And then Barajas’ huge 2 run shot…it just looked like they were over the hump and going to make a statement.  Especially with Santana on the mound.  And then it happened…the walk to Moyer was the breaker…after that, everything was a blur.  I didn’t even make it through the inning before catching up on my DVRed tv shows.  -side note: I have a feeling that Chuck is ending, unfortunately- 

This brings me to my point…can the Mets respond from such a disheartening weekend?  And what does this team want from this year?  They have showed how much potential they have, pitching the way they have (both starting and relieving).  With no one other than Wright (and not BA-wise) really on track (maybe Francoeur), only good things should be coming from the offensive department, right?  Well, tonight, they start a 3 game series in Cincy…a team they can take 2 of 3 from.  And then back home.  So, this is a time to show that the speed bump was just that…and not a huge pothole.  -game has gone to Top 11, now-  Ollie looked solid, tonight, going 6 innings, only 2 runs.  4 BBs, though.  But, again, I will take that from him. 

So, I might have been wrong about hitting Reyes in the 3 hole…sort of.  They have won 7 of 9 games, entering tonight, with him hitting in that spot.  But, it has not been due to Reyes, whose average is down to .217.  I think that they have to continue as things are…but only because there’s not a lot better option.  Bay finally hit a HR last week…but still waiting for him to break out.

Ok, so, I also want to bring up something else that is going on in sports…the NBA Playoffs.  More specifically, the Spurs/Suns series.  I’ve been a Suns fan for years (don’t ask) and definitely have my feelings about the Spurs.  But this is going to be a tremendous series.  With all of the history between the teams and the Spurs maybe reaching the edge of their dominance and the Suns playing better defense.  This is what the playoffs are all about.  People are finally starting to come around on the Suns and pick them to actually beat San Antonio.  They have home-court.  Amare has been playing out of his mind; Grant Hill has revived his career.  -Game to Bot 11, Acosta in-  I know the Cavs/C’s series is going to be great, as well, but this should be a series that goes at least 6 games. Its tough for me to see either team beat the Lakers, but…to finally vanquish the Spurs might give Amare just enough reasons to stay in the Valley of the Sun.   

Hopefully, the Mets will pull this one out and can go for the series win, tomorrow…and…no…Nix homers off of Acosta for a 3-2 win…3rd loss in a row

Tuesday, 7:10, Great American Ballpark, Maine vs. Arroyo…



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