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In Memory of Nick Adenhart…

I got an e-mail today with a link to a foxnews article saying that a mlb pitcher had died.  I was in shock until I saw who it was.  Then, I was floored and could barely breathe.  I had been tracking Nick for about 3 years, now.  In the Summer of ’06, I was in Cedar Rapids, IA and attended many CR Kernels games.  I read a bit about young stud pitcher named Nick Adenhart.  The first time I saw him pitch I was impressed.  I drove around the state and got to see him pitch 2 ridiculous games on the road (in QC and Burlington).  I also saw him pitch a few more times at home.  He was 10-2 with an ERA under 2 before July and was then whisked away to Rancho Cucamonga.  I followed him through box scores and articles and was really excited when he got called up at the end of last season.  He didn’t fare too well, but he made it.  I watched some of the game he pitched last night, cheering for him.  From everything I’ve heard and read, he was a great guy and respected people and the game very much.  Here’s to you, Nick!!  I’m glad I went to see you pitch…



Didn’t see the Mets game today, as I was at work (but received text updates).  So, I don’t have too much commentary.  Today isn’t about baseball anyway (tragedy has a way of putting games into perspective).  From what I’ve read and seen:

  • Perez was rolling in the 3rd when he just blew up…what else is new?  He will pitch like this and then throw a 3 hitter, next week.  Until he gets his head on straight, this will be his career.
  • We hit the ball nicely, again.  No HRs in a bandbox, but manufactured quite a few runs.  All of our hits came from the Top 6 in the lineup.  Church had a couple more doubles, Delgado a couple more RBI. 
  • It seems that the one Red we couldn’t stop the entire series was Votto.  Another 3 for 5 with 4 more RBI. 
  • For what its worth, the bullpen held their own, going scoreless through 3 1/3.


Next up, a trip to South Beach…John Maine’s debut against Anibal Sanchez…7:10pm Friday…one interesting note: Sanchez has a .636 fielding percentage…some bunting in order for tomorrow?


Deja Vu

First of all, I am very excited that random people are reading what I have to say…thanks, Dan!  Enjoy Happy Valley!  I’ve been to a couple of games there…good times!!


Now, I feel like I did that all of last Summer.  Geez.  This time, however, we actually closed the deal.  It’s nice to see that we can get out of a jam from time to time, despite a very questionable call by the 1st base umpire.  Delgado’s foot MAY have been off the bag, but it was ridiculously close.  I feel like in the bottom of the 9th in such a tight game, you had better be 100% sure to make that call. 


Some things to think about:

  • I was actually ok with Pelfrey tonight.  Yes, he did not have control at all and made a mess of the 1st inning, but he bounced back, battled and stuck around long enough to get the win.  You have games like that and fighting through them and controling the damage are what great pitchers do.  Build on it, Pelf!
  • Big ups to Delgado for continuing his torrid start(maybe keep your foot on the bag a TAD longer…haha).  2 for 5, 4 rbi, hr
  • The more I watch D. Murphy, the more I like him.  He plays solid D, battles at the plate,and works hard.
  • Joey Votto is going to be a star (already is?)…
  • Also, what is with the length of games?  Monday’s game went way over 3 hours and tonight’s topped 4 hours!!  Neither game went to extras…
  • Into the 5th, Nick Adenhart is having a nice game for the Angels (actually traveled around the Midwest League in summer of ’06 to watch him)…


Quote of the Night(s):

Keith Hernandez commenting on Brandon Phillips shading up the middle, leaving Murphy with a huge hole on the right side…”You could drive a Panzer Division through there!”

Gary Cohen on how cold it was getting: “You’r not going to find much body heat in the stands…as no one is left.”


Also…big comeback for the Phils tonight…Yankees get beat again…Kazmir pitches well for Rays(sigh) as they beat the BoSox…and the Tigers get their first win(I’m happy for you, Tony)…Perez at Arroyo at 12:35 in Cincy tomorrow